Foxley Consulting is expert in business development projects, and its ability is to understand

and manage the change process from scratch to make it flourishing business.

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Key persons and founders of Foxley Consulting:

Viljami Kettunen, co-founder and Chairman of the board of Foxley Consulting has many years of experience in strategic and management consulting. Since beginning of 1990’s he has been working in different project and top level management positions and held several board memberships. Moreover, he has versatile experience of international sales and marketing and business development, for example he has been co-founder and consultant in several start-ups. He has a degree both in M. Sc. in Business and management and B. Sc. in Pharmacy. More info: see profile of Viljami Kettunen in LinkedIn.

Kirsi Kettunen, co-founder and CEO of Foxley Consulting has many years of experience in different positions in pharmaceutical and health care business. She holds M.Sc in Pharmacy and has also educated herself in PR and communication. Her career includes several years of experience of management and development positions as well as specialist work, specifically in large international pharmaceutical companies.

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